Use of Mobile
Client Vodafone India Limited
Brand Vodafone
Entrant Kinetic Worldwide
Brief The brief was to develop a scalable & cost efficient solution around the acute draught situation in Maharashtra and demonstrate the same innovatively through OOH media, that provides (a) immediate relief to the debt-ridden farmer community and (b) help spread awareness on water conservation & rain water harvesting techniques (c) also encourage OOH media owners to participate in the Nobel cause.
THE CREATIVE IDEA thus was to TURN VODAFONE BILLBOARDS TO SUPPORT RAINWATER HARVESTING SOLUTION THAT ALSO HAD A CONNETC TO THEIR MOBILE PHONES. Hence, leverage our existing resources help replenish natural resources. Each tank was fitted with a modified remote sensor, along with a customized SIM powered by Vodafone. More than 50 Thousand litters of water were distributed