Direct Innovation
Client Maruti Suzuki
Brand Maruti Suzuki
Entrant Dentsu Webchutney
Brief Maruti Suzuki, India’s leading car company, wanted to do something about the deafening problem of incessant car honking on Indian roads. The challenge was to bring about a change in people’s behaviour. The need was an idea that was more than just a cosmetic poster on the problem.
Scale & Location or Cultural Context In India, vehicular honking is one of the biggest contributors of noise pollution. Some facts: Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are some of the world’s noisiest cities. 75% of traffic police in southern India have suffered permanent hearing damage.All thanks to the constant & inconsiderate honking around us 365 days of the year.
We created No Po Po – an unconventional no-honking program that rewards drivers for not honking! We created a device that records the number of times you honk along with a mobile app that helped users monitor their honking behaviour.The deal was simple – the lesser you honk, the more rewards you earn!
Insight We realized that moral talk, signs or fines haven’t really changed people’s behaviour. And it was time that the problem was looked from a fresh perspective. We thought why not reward people for honking less? It was that simple! Hence, was born No Po Po.
Rationale behind the name “Po Po” is not just the sonic representation of honking; it is a part of common parlance in India to describe honking.