Advertising & Marketing Communications – Brand
Client P&G India
Brand Ariel Matic
Entrant MediaCom
Brief In a category of 30+ brands and half a billion consumers, Ariel wanted to launch a new Matic Pack and hit sales growth of 30% The big challenge that lay ahead for Ariel was to beat the Goliath brand Surf Excel. The competition, in the past year, had put all their might into product launches.
Cultural Context Women are breaking the glass ceiling in many professions, but all of them have a second job: running the home. According to a Nielsen survey – 78% of girls in India agree that they need to learn laundry, as they will have to do it when they grow up. 70% married men agree that doing the household chores is the wife’s job
In India, whose responsibility is it to wash clothes? The woman always! We identified a huge growth opportunity. We turned the category norm on its head and reframed the conversation to equality at home. Instead of talking to women about a superior detergent, we would tell their other halves how to do the laundry and made life easier for women!