Direct Mail
Client CaratLane
Brand CaratLane
Entrant Famous Innovations
Brief CaratLane is a contemporary fine jewellery brand which is available online and has stores of its own. They wanted to do a campaign for their range of Solitaires and Rings with a special focus on proposals.
Solution We created the CaratLane Proposal Box, a personalised packaging for every customer who wished to propose with our ring. The customer had to choose a ring on our website and share their story. It was then recrafted into 7 parts and put on boxes which were designed like Russian dolls, inspired by the shape of rough diamonds. For a relationship that’s unique, we made packaging which was the same.
Insight Proposals aren’t easy for men, there are so many expectations and dreams that they have to do justice. This is overwhelming, and finding the right words only becomes more difficult. A proposal is the culmination of the love that two people have shared over time. All these moments have brought them to this one, where they choose to spend the rest of their life together. So why look for words?