Advertising & Marketing Communications – Brand
Client Hindustan Unilever
Brand Domex
Entrant Mindshare
Brief Unilever’s Domex has adopted a behaviour change program to promote good health and hygiene practices in Rural India. One such thrust area is sanitation which address the problem of open defecation. Domex has been trying to raise awareness and garner public support for its initiative.
Cultural Context Urban India lacks awareness and sensitivity to this problem. Public service messages are complete blind spots. Urban India has never had to defecate in the open. It was never their problem. We had to make them FEEL it. Then only would they be Influencers of Change .SASB created a SEE THROUGH TOILET. The attendees were urged to use the toilet and FEEL the shame of open defecation
A country of more than 1.2 bn population is faced with the issue of 50% of the population defecating in the open. Largely affecting the safety & dignity of women. Domex created a see through toilet to used embarrassment as a tool to create awareness and galvanize people’s support in its endeavor to bring about positive social change