Art Direction for Poster Advertising
Client Aquanaut
Brand Aquanaut Dive School
Entrant Contract Advertising
Brief Diving in India is considered an exotic pursuit, meant only for the privileged few. More so because India itself can’t boast of many reputed dive sites. The task given was for Aquanaut, a dive school based in Bengaluru in India, to widen its customer base over and above the select few.
Scale & Location Aquanaut is based in Bengaluru and therefore it is extremely unlikely for people from other cities to come down to enroll for diving classes. So we restricted ourselves to a local campaign of billboards, press, posters and digital. That too at places where people are actively considering international travel. Like foreign exchange counters, airlines offices, airports and more.
Every year more and more Indians are going off to explore different lands. But their exploration of these lands, ends with seeing what’s on land.So we showed them different countries in a way they haven’t thought of visiting. We told them to truly experience a new land, they must also experience the world beneath it. And showed people the water version of the land they want to see.