Use of Music for Film Advertising
Client Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Brand Dove
Entrant Mindshare
Cultural Context Media is routinely blamed for establishing & promoting beauty stereotypes. In reality, the beauty ideal is seeded as early as the age of 4. In India, the culprit is a Nursery Rhyme—a learning device drilled into the heads of children!

Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin,Rosy Lips, Teeth Within…

This litany sets up and promotes conformity. From this insight was born a powerful campaign idea—#changetherhyme.

Solution Dove’s call to #changetherhyme thus, juxtaposed a rhythmic chant of the rhyme against visuals of sportswoman and was rendered as a compelling digital video that targeted Dove’s audience of metro-dwelling, affluent women. The campaign was designed to be led by digital. While the main video resided on YouTube, Facebook and twitter played the role of social provocation and sharing.