Live Experience
Client Reckitt and Benckiser Private India Limited
Brand Mortein
Entrant Havas Worldwide
Cultural Context Dussehra is well-known festival in North India where effigies of demon king Ravana is burnt to symbolise victory of good over evil. Millions of people get together to celebrate this festival at different places every year.
Solution This campaign used a deeply entrenched festive ritual and gave it a twist which spread awareness about mosquito-borne diseases and brought a significant drop in its rising cases. Ravana effigies made out of ActivCards released Activ agents on burning that drove mosquitoes away. So not only did people celebrate Dussehra but also killed the real demons- mosquito-borne diseases.
Insight Mosquito-borne diseases usually reach a peak around the festival of Dussehra. In 2016, Mortein, a leading mosquito repellent brand, came up with a unique solution and made Ravanas out of mosquito repelling Mortein ActivCards.

It was a 8 day long campaign where awareness was spread through school seminars, road show, radio, social media and finally the main event on Dussehra.