Radio Advertising Campaigns
Client Abbott Healthcare Private Limited
Brand Abbott India
Entrant BBH India
Scale & Location We made live radio spots – radio spots made outside and not in a studio. In actual locations in Goa, Bir and Ladakh we had real patients who were actually white water rafting, paragliding off a cliff and running a marathon in the Himalayas. Establishing the authenticity of what we were doing was incredibly important.
Solution To show how human lives have changed thanks to Abbott, we created a radio campaign that ‘pushed past possible’.We told inspiring stories of real people overcoming real problems.We came up with the first-ever ‘Live Radio Spots’ – radio spots made outdoors. In real locations, we told the stories of real people who have come to lead healthier, fuller lives because of Abbott’s products.
Insight We played all spots in Mumbai on Radio Mirchi, Big FM, Red FM and Radio One. And in Delhi on Radio Mirchi, Fever, Big FM and Radio One. The campaign started on the radio on 19th September and ended on 21st October. We decided to tell stories of real people who have been affected by medical conditions. And we chose to capture these in real locations and with live sounds.