This contest is organised by Kyoorius Communications Pvt. Ltd. Having its Offices at 2nd Floor, Kohinoor Estate, 165 Tulsi Pipe Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013 hereinafter referred to as “Kyoorius”.

Eligibility Criteria

Young working professionals or full-time design students aged 28 and below i.e. born after 10 September, 1990 can enter the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards.

1. Entering the Contest

1.1 Entry is open to individuals working alone or in groups of up to 4 persons working as a team.

1.2 All members of a team must fit the eligibility criteria outlined above. If you enter as a team, the winning entitlements will be handed to the primary entrant.

1.3 Entrants should register on the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards site, download a brief, generate a response to that brief and submit their work digitally in accordance with the deliverables as laid out in their chosen brief and in accordance with the Submission Guide.

1.4 Entrants can download and respond to as many briefs as they wish; they may also submit more than one response per brief. Each Response is considered a separate entry.

1.5 All Responses must be the original work of the entrants. Entrants who incorporate any images, writing, music, or other creative material belonging to someone else must obtain the other party’s permission. Entrants may be asked to evidence their ownership of the response and should keep dated records of all working materials.

1.6 All Entries must be submitted via our Online entry system. Physical work where relevant, may be submitted as supporting material only. Kyoorius accepts no responsibility for lost or undelivered entry material. Proof of postage does not guarantee that work has been received by Kyoorius.

1.7 In order to assist Kyoorius in promoting the winning work after judging, all entrants are asked to provide or confirm credits for each entry. These must include:
a. Full names of entrant(s), including all team members
b. All contact details of entrant(s) — mobile, postal & email address
c. Full names of tutor(s) (as applicable)
d. All contact details of tutor(s) if applicable — mobile, postal & email address
e. The name & address of the college, university or company

1.8 Contact details of winning & nominated entrants will be passed to sponsors, in order to help promote the winning work.

2. Sponsors’ Logos and Names

2.1 Sponsors may submit their own branding or that of the sponsors’ clients for the purpose of inviting responses. The logos issued to the entrant may not be used for any commercial or republication purposes.

2.2 All sponsors operate strict controls on the use of their names, trademarks and logos. Any misuse of sponsors brands by an entrant will lead to the disqualification of all that entrant’s responses and may expose the entrant to legal liability and subsequent legal claims.

2.3 By submitting a response, entrants agree to use the sponsor branding only in accordance with these terms and conditions, and any prevailing sponsors’ terms and conditions.

2.4 The sponsors permit entrants to use the submitted branding for the sole purpose of responding to the brief sponsored by that sponsor.

2.5 Entrants may:
a. Only use sponsor branding on Responses submitted to the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards 2018.
b. Include a submitted Response in their personal portfolio after the winners have been announced, in exactly the same format as that submitted to the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards 2018.

2.6 Entrants must not:
a. Use sponsor branding on any other material or for any other purpose;
b. Upload their submitted Response to any Online location before the Nominations have been announced, whether as part of an open or access-restricted site, unless all sponsor branding is first removed from the uploaded version of the response;
c. Denigrate sponsors or sponsor branding, subject sponsor branding to derogatory treatment or otherwise bring the sponsor and /or its brands into disrepute;
d. Do anything to suggest that the entrant is endorsed, associated or otherwise affiliated with the sponsor;
e. Provide or make available sponsor branding to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.

2.7 For the avoidance of doubt, the sponsors for the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards 2018 are as listed on the briefs page on

2.8 For the avoidance of doubt, the sponsor clients for the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards 2018 are as detailed on the individual briefs

2.9 Entrants who submit a Response that contains any trademark or logo, or other branding other than those specifically submitted by the sponsors, may be asked to re-submit their work without such branding trademark or logo, or other branding other than those specifically submitted by the sponsors, may be asked to re-submit their work without such branding.

3. Ownership of Your Work

3.1 Entrants retain ownership of their responses submitted into the contest, but where such work incorporates sponsor branding entrants may only use the work for personal references and promotion as part of a portfolio.

3.2 By submitting a response, entrants grant Kyoorius and the relevant sponsor an exclusive license for the duration of copyright protection to reproduce or distribute a reproduction of their entry in all media in order to promote, or act as a historical record of, the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards or a sponsor’s involvement with the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards; or as part of any Kyoorius publication (whether online or offline).

3.3 Entrants agree that, should a sponsor wish to develop or use a response for commercial purposes, the entrant will enter into negotiations with that sponsor to agree terms for such development or usage before negotiating with any other party in relation to the response.

3.4 No additional agreement will be needed for the winning entry. The sponsor of the brief can use the winning entry for commercial purposes.

4. Judging the Contest

4.1 Kyoorius will appoint a jury that shall be composed of judges who, in Kyoorius’ sole discretion, have the appropriate qualifications to judge the work. Responses will be considered in accordance with the awards selection criteria.
These are:
a. An excellent creative idea
b. Great craft or execution
c. Answers the brief

4.2 Each jury will award a select number of the responses whom the jury considers, in its sole discretion, to be the best responses.

4.3 The jury is not limited in the number of Responses it can award, and similarly there is no guarantee that a jury will grant an award in each brief, if they do not feel that work is of the standard required.

4.4 The jury has the right to edit pieces submitted as part of a response and to ask for only certain parts of the response to be displayed or promoted.

4.5 General feedback will be gathered from the jury, and may be made available to view on the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards website when the nominations are announced. Individual feedback will not be available.

4.6 If Kyoorius is made aware of any concerns that a response does not constitute the original work of the entrant, Kyoorius will contact the entrant and ask for evidence that proves the entrant’s assertion to be the creator of the work.

4.7 Kyoorius will also contact credited tutors for further information if applicable. Kyoorius will consider the evidence gathered and decide whether to allow the response to remain within the contest or to remove it. Kyoorius’ decision is in its sole discretion and is final.

5. Prizes

5.1 The prizes to be awarded to the winning entry are:

a. A gorgeous Red Elephant which you pick up at the Kyoorius Awards Night.
b. A paid trip to “London Design Festival” (Only one person of the group will be sponsored)
c. All Shortlisted entries will be sent to the Agency Heads
d. Right to use the relevant Red Elephant Mark

5.2 The prize awarded to the nominated entries is:

a. Entry details in the Kyoorius Awards Annual

6. General Points

6.1 Kyoorius reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions, if necessary, from time to time.

6.2 The Terms and Conditions are subject to Indian law and any dispute that is not resolved by consultation between the parties shall be referred to the courts of India.