Temporary/Permanent Installations
Client Self-initiated
Brand Claymen
Agency Infonauts
The way we live our lives is often a response to the demands, expectations and expressions of others. To signify this we did an installation with 500 handmade clay faces and gave a unique expression to each face. The intention was to take people by surprise, so they would pause and reflect upon their perception towards others. It was a mirror made of clay staring back at them.
Location & Scale
This self-initiated installation was set against the backdrop of the Amazon India Fashion Week, 2015 Delhi. Though it was exclusively done for the leading fashion label Bodice, but it is in fact a part of a larger project called Claymen by Aman Khanna.The idea was to evoke a sense of wonder amongst the audience and to give them something that can time and again remind them about their outlook.
Solution & Unique Features
A customised die-cut chair was designed for each clay face which was individually packed in a box. People took these ‘faces of judgement’ with them as collectables and numerous tweets and Instagram feeds followed. The distinctive nature of our design approach gave this project a unique voice. Moreover this proved to be an ideal platform to start a discussion about the tyranny of perception.

The Tyranny of Perception The Tyranny of Perception The Tyranny of Perception The Tyranny of Perception The Tyranny of Perception