Branded Film Content & Entertainment – Fiction up to 5 mins
Client Truly Madly Matchmakers Pvt. Ltd.
Brand Truly Madly
Agency AIB Vigyapanti
Brief Creeps are the biggest roadblocks for women to get on to dating apps. Truly Madly, a popular dating app, wanted to communicate about its key feature ‘verified profiles’ which helps in keeping creeps away.
Cultural Context ‘Qawwali’ is a form of Sufi music. It’s more than 500 years old, but widely popularized by Bollywood songs where two teams battle it out with their verses. Never before had a brand parodied this genre or used it in the way Truly Madly did. Our music video combined a centuries old music genre with lyrics that were contemporary and peppered with internet lingo. And that’s where the humour came from.
We created a music video in the form of a modern day ‘Qawwali’ where two teams of women sing about the creeps they’ve met as they battle it out as to whose creep is the creepiest.
Audience Urban Women (aged 18 – 30)