Press Advertising – English
Client Atharv Academy
Brand Atharv Academy
Entrant Enormous
Brief Indigenous art forms in the Maharashtra region have been on the wane. The Atharv Foundation, dedicated to nurturing these art forms, wanted to inspire fledgling artists and art students.
Scale & Location Placed in art colleges and art exhibitions during college admission season, the posters led to an increase in enquiries for native Maharashtra art programs. Thus getting the powers that be to consider reviving the otherwise dying local art curriculum. Educating the next generation is the fist step to preserving these once-treasured art forms.
What better way to promote local art than by using the finest art curators: the gypsies. Immersed and yet detached from the culture, they offer the perfect lens through which to showcase Maharashtra. We displayed the posters on college campuses, showcasing the art forms through a vignette of the gypsies who travel our lands.