Writing for Digital Marketing – Hindi
Client Clues Network Pvt. Ltd.
Brand ShopClues.com
Entrant Enormous
Brief Indians living in tier 2/3 cities looking for value buys online.

To promote our value for money offering, we delivered the “you don’t have to be rich to live rich” idea by tapping into the ‘rich dad syndrome’ where people who come from a high social standing or money are called ‘laat saab ki aulaad’ – a reference that usually belied a mild longing.

We created ‘exaggerated uppity pronunciation tutorials’ that ended with the message that to live the Laat Saab life, one doesn’t need to learn to speak like one; just have ShopClues.com on you phone.The humour in exaggerating the way a tier 1 girl/boy speaks resonated with our tier 2/3 TA creating an emotional bond with the brand and generating conversation online.