Tactical Digital Marketing
Client Akanksha Foundation
Brand Akanksha Foundation
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Brief Akanksha constantly faces a shortage of teachers. Our reasearch showed 40% of our teacher applicants comprise corporates wanting to quit their 9-to-5 to try teaching. We wanted to increase engagement with corporates to drive up teacher applications.
Cultural Context President Obama is easily the world’s most popular head of state. While his term was coming to an end, it was a trending subject even in a country like India, 12000 KM away from where the President resides. To piggy back on this popularity and turn the world’s attention to the challenges of Akanksha, the cute students made President Obama a job offer like no other – that of becoming their teacher.
A simple film was shot at the actual Akanksha school, to give the viewer a good idea of what this job entails. The children in the film are all students of the shown school. The film was uploaded on Youtube on 21st December 2016, and shared on Akanksha’s official Facebook page and Twitter Handle. The Campaign’s reach has since experienced an organic growth, which stands at 27 million today.