Digital / Direct Response
Client Adlabs Imagica
Brand Imagica
Entrant Sideways
Brief Imagica re-positioned itself to a place that sparks people’s imaginations through interesting experiences. Thus, was born a brand-new identity “Imagica – Badi Interesting Jagah Hai”.

We needed to build awareness and reconnect with our database of past visitors, social media fans, and the target audience in an interesting way, outside Imagica to let them experience this proposition.

Scale & Location At Imagica, among many interesting attractions, The Bow Wow show is one of the most loved ones, where an animated pug entertains the audience by spontaneously cracking real-time jokes on them, and leaves them wondering, how does he do it?

Hence we decided to take this experience online to converse and engage with our audience.

Regular communication just wasn’t doing the trick. We needed an interesting way to communicate with our fans and leave them bewildered.

So, we got Imagica’s biggest star, Detective Bow Wow, a talking dog, to create 1800 hyper personalised video responses for people – whether they were making a plan to come visit the park, asking for offers, directions, park details or events.