Use of Branded Content
Client Kellogg’s India
Brand Kellogg’s Chocos
Entrant Mindshare
Brief Launching a new variant entails huge investment to disseminate new news in the market with minimal guarantee of success – more so in a cluttered kid’s category. In absence of a TVC, Kellogg’s faced with a mammoth task of building awareness for their new variant launch- Chocos Laddoo, and create top of mind re-call for rest of the variants amongst its audience.
We used Content as our launch strategy and made Chocos variants desirable by making Chotta Bheem endorse them. We co-crafted 4 original episodes weaving in the variant stories. Chotta Bheem’s Laddoos had acquired cult status as a source of power and we did the impossible- We replaced Bheems favourite Laddoos with Chocos Chotta Laddoos. We ran 52 episodes (original + repeats) over 6 months on Pogo.