Client Door Step School
Brand Door Step School
Entrant FCB Interface
Brief Get slum kids and their parents to believe in the power of education. It’s not easy being a kid in a slum in Mumbai. Life is tough. Your parents work day and night but barely make both ends meet. On the other hand, the goons and slum lords seem to have all the time, money and respect. Due to these wrong role models, the kids either never go to school, or drop out pre-maturely.
Solution Name the streets in the slums after slum kids who are fighting the odds and doing exceedingly well in school.We wanted to change slum kids’ preconceptions of what could achieved through education.And do this without being preachy, but instead make living examples and positive role models out of their own friends, peers and neighbours.The chosen kids get what they want: Instant fame and respect.
Insight The slum kid lives a life of anonymity, fantasizes to achieve early success. Most idolize the version of success they see around them. Wealth, fame and power are the hallmarks of success and the people most likely to have them are criminals or small businessmen. Media: Street name boards were chosen as the media. Execution: 9 slum streets were named after slum children