Advertising & Marketing Communications – PSA
Client Plan India
Brand Safer Cities
Entrant Company of Design
Brief Plan India’s Safer Cities program is part of a global initiative by Plan International along with UN-Habitat and Women in Cities International. The goal is to increase safety and access to public spaces for women and girls. In Delhi (the most unsafe city in India), the NGO was looking for an idea that went beyond creating awareness and made a real difference on the ground.
Scale & Location Delhi is one of the most unsafe cities for girls and women in India with frequent incidents of harassment, molestation, attacks and even rapes. These incidents are more prevalent in certain lesser developed areas and villages. For the campaign, we chose two such locations: Mangolpuri and Madanpur Khadar. In these places, girls and women don’t feel safe even walking on the streets.
A unique community-based idea called Safe Houses. We asked select residents to offer their homes as centres of refuge for women and girls. They were verified by the Police and trained in workshops. The houses were marked with a distinct orange logo (an auspicious colour). They were at strategic locations: near parks, deserted corners. Any woman or girl in trouble could walk into them and get help.