Advertising & Marketing Communications – Brand
Client Vodafone India
Brand Vodafone Kisaan Mitr
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Brief Vodafone Kisaan Mitr is an existing alert service that provides farmers with agriculture-related updates on mobile phones. The brand launched Farmer BnB in partnership with Grassroutes, to help mitigate the uncertainty in farmer’s lives by providing them with an alternate source of income. The TG were affluent audiences from cites, inclined towards travel and authentic cultural experiences.
Scale & Location or Cultural Context Due to uncertain monsoons, a farmer’s income has been falling, leading to debts. But in cites, affluent travellers constantly seek unique experiences to embellish their lifestyles and social media profiles. By connecting the two, Vodafone was able to create a win-win situation. Over weekends, Farmers host these visitors and give them a chance to experience a slice of authentic rural life.
To promote the initiative Vodafone used its existing channels across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The initiative was launched with 4 videos and 5 posts over the course of a month in. We reached out to 2.1 million HVC customers and collected leads on Facebook. The communication lead people to a landing page where they could sign up for the Farmer BnB homestay in the village of Dena.