Advertising & Marketing Communications – Brand
Client Hindustan Unilever
Brand Red Label Tea
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Brief This activity targets the society we find ourselves living in, irrespective of the gender, class or social standing. YouTube and Facebook were the primary source of distribution, which ultimately garnered close to 9 million views.
Cultural Context Our tendency to judge those who go against the grain of our upbringing is undoubtedly high. One such community that repeatedly finds itself on the receiving end of our condemnation are sex workers. For those who aren’t afforded the protection of our judicial system let alone the dignity of being recognised as human being with feelings, a simple conversation without prejudice can be invaluable.
The core of Red Label’s social agenda is to start an open dialogue to discuss various burning issues and address the proverbial elephant in the room as opposed to reacting in a hurtful or regressive manner. This specific experiment, hoped to create a platform for common folks to interact with sex workers and chip away at our prejudices one cup of tea and one conversation at a time.