Technological Innovation
Client Ceat Tyres Limited
Brand Ceat Tyres
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Brief India has arguably the worst roads in the world and yet ironically Indian commuters have very little regard for safety. The objective was not only discourage adults from over-speeding but to bring about a behavioural change. CEAT championed the cause of road safety by further building on its strong association with safety. The TG for this campaign, however, were fathers who owned cars in metros.
The reasoning behind the bobblehead was simple; tell a parent to drive safe and he won’t listen, ask his child to say it to him and it will make a world of a difference. Each bobblehead was customised to look like the child. A chip synchronised with a speedometer was tactfully concealed inside. Each time the car exceeded the speed limit, the bobblehead would give out a message from the child.