Radio Advertising 31-60 Sec
Client RD Overseas
Brand RD Reverse Parking and Systems
Entrant Contract Advertising
Cultural Context In India, Bollywood is very close to everyone’s heart and so are Bollywood songs. Everyone enjoys them. Plus songs being an integral part of every car, most of us listens to songs while driving. So we made some spots for our reverse parking client by recreating some of the most famous and all-time favorite songs in order to make our spots memorable, impacting yet interesting.
Solution To tell people about the great control you get on your car with Rd reverse parking cameras and systems, we dramatized some of the most popular and celebrated Hindi songs, by playing each word of the song in reverse. To add to the twist, we kept the tune and background music exactly the same, so that, the song turns gibberish yet remains recognizable. This made spots interesting yet memorable.
Insight As the brand was new and they chose radio to communicate for the first time. We made the spot intrigue, interesting and memorable. Hearing India’s most famous songs in reverse made people enjoy it, plus it made the point very clearly that just like these songs, you get the same control and enjoyable experience even in reverse while driving with Rd reverse cameras and parking systems.