Radio Advertising 1-30 Sec
Client Vodafone Group
Brand Vodafone SuperHour
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Cultural Context The spot was based on a humorous yet true insight; weddings are a big deal in India. Left with nothing much to do, every person attending these weddings has to go through a long tedious wait. Suddenly, the plate full of ladoos seizes to be sweet, the kids don’t look cute anymore. Vodafone, with its spots, brought out the monotony in a wedding and positioned SuperHour as the best way to escape it.
Solution When we had to create a radio spot for a product that gave our consumers unlimited internet for an hour, we brought out an insight that every Indian could relate to. An insight based on the pain and monotony of attending a long Indian wedding. The solution was a spot that not only brought a smile to the face, but also explained the benefit of the product seamlessly.
Insight The radio spot ran in leading radio stations like Red FM, Fever FM, Radio City, Radio Mirchi, Suryan FM and Hello FM in 24 cities across India. It ran at an average of 11 days in these channels, the duration of each spot being 30 seconds.