Non-Fiction up to 5 mins
Client Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC)
Brand Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC)
Entrant Medulla Communications
Cultural Context In India, talking about death is taboo. So starting conversations on death and palliative care is challenging. The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked India’s end-of-life care last among 40 countries, giving a score of 2/5 in public awareness, attributing it partly to reluctance to openly discuss death.Moreover, doctors focus on prolonging life, sending even terminally ill patients to the ICU.
Solution Most last words are heard by nurses, not families.

The creative idea:
Could these dying last words–unheard by families so far–bring alive the need for palliative care? We interviewed >200 nurses across India and the most heart-rending last words they heard became the heart of our campaign – the film. We used these real last words to start conversations on palliative care.

Insight The film was launched at IAPC conference by the Human Rights Commissioner and was launched for consumers across social and digital platforms, even micro-targeted to 100,000 socially active doctors. The video connected to the website that provided information on palliative care. We received support from digital influencers, journalists and international palliative care associations too.