Non-Fiction up to 5 mins
Client Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Brand Dove
Entrant Mindshare
Cultural Context Media is routinely blamed for establishing & promoting beauty stereotypes. In reality, the beauty ideal is seeded as early as the age of 4. In India, the culprit is a Nursery Rhyme—a learning device drilled into the heads of children!Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin,Rosy Lips, Teeth Within…This litany sets up and promotes conformity. From this insight was born a powerful campaign idea—#changetherhyme
Solution Dove’s call to #changetherhyme thus, juxtaposed a rhythmic chant of the rhyme against visuals of sportswoman and was rendered as a compelling digital video that targeted Dove’s audience of metro-dwelling, affluent women. The campaign was designed to be led by digital. While the main video resided on YouTube, Facebook and twitter played the role of social provocation and sharing.
Insight Dove’s call to make beauty more inclusively by re-writing the rhyme required a powerful context to convince audiences. This context was provided by Sports—women in India are often discouraged from pursuing sports seriously because it is believed to make them less attractive. With a number of promising women athletes in the Indian contingent, the Rio Olympics generated the required buzz.