Use of Social Media
Client Make Love Not Scars
Brand Make Love Not Scars
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Brief Objectives: Help acid attack survivors become a part of society through employment.

Target audience: Potential employers- individuals, corporate entities that could hire acid attack survivors. Also people active on social media, who could spread the word. The campaign launched on social media on 28th November, 2016 and is on-going.

Scale & Location

Visit the site, scroll and view multiple survivor profiles. Choose a survivor and view all essential survivor information including their talent videos. Click on the ‘Click to Hire’ button to initiate the hiring process. Initiative can be shared easily to major social media channels. ‘Download CV’ button makes downloading and forwarding CVs easy.

Acid attack survivors are made to feel unwelcome in society. The best way forward to change that was to find employment for them. But society was not ready to look at them, let alone work beside them. We created the world’s first job portal for acid attack survivors where instead of written CVs we had video CVs. So employers faced survivors who were ready to face the world.