Advertising & Marketing Communications – Brand
Client Rising Sun Films
Brand Pink
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Brief Shoojit Sircar’s new film needed promotion. It wasn’t a big-budget production, and its theme wasn’t mainstream – the film was about a women’s rights. It had one big star – Amitabh Bachchan. However, just his presence wasn’t a guarantee of success – his last few films hadn’t done well at the box office.
Cultural Context As a country, our attitude towards women is highly patriarchal – girls have curfews, western clothing is frowned upon and we demand that women behave in a manner appropriate to their gender. The letter to Mr. Bachchan’s granddaughters was an explosive document, asking them to refuse to bow to gender norms. That it came from India’s most iconic male role model only gave it further weight.
We capitalized on Amitabh Bachchan’s stardom by releasing an open letter to his granddaughters on his social media pages. The letter was published both as a video and as a written document, and it was immediately picked up by the mainstream news. Women’s rights were suddenly the hot topic of the week. In the middle of this discussion, ‘Pink’ released, and audiences flocked to theatres.