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Client Love Matters
Brand Love Matters
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Brief Objective:
Address how Bollywood has been unwittingly propagating sexism through lyrics of their songs. Thereby, waking audiences up to this reality. And through them, getting Bollywood to take a stand against including demeaning lyrics in its songs.Target audience:
The Indian youth. As their favourite genre, Bollywood music has had a telling impact on their behaviour and psyche.
Cultural Context Bollywood music has a huge impact on young Indians. So strong in fact, that people started imbibing its influence on their behaviour. Decades of conditioning had immunized audiences to demeaning lyrics that objectify women and perpetuate gender violence. To the extent that what they said or meant, was irrelevant. All that mattered was they had a tune and beat everyone could gyrate to.
We made a playlist of offensive songs. Immediately after some songs, listeners heard audio spots that put them in the actress’ shoes. The English spots disrupted the listening behaviour. Causing them to tell Bollywood, lewd lyrics are #NotMusicToMyEars.

Also, youth icons tweeted the lyrics as if it was an experience they had had. They later revealed these were actually lyrics from popular songs.