Advertising & Marketing Communications – PSA
Client Reliance General Insurance
Brand Reliance General Insurance
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Brief India employs over 10 million child labourers. Worse than the number is the fact that responsible citizens have become indifferent to the situation. Reliance General Insurance joined hands with India’s largest children’s welfare NGO – Child Rights and You (CRY), with an aim to redraw attention to the social evil that is child labour.
Scale & Location or Cultural Context The advent of social media has given people in India a platform to express their opinions on a variety of topics in a free and frank manner. Social Media lends itself to individual activism, where people are likely to take stances, back causes, and voluntarily spread the word amongst peers to garner support.
We asked India’s 23 million twitter users to tweet what they normally would. But do it in ALL CAPS only. And add a hashtag, #DONT_EMPLOY_LITTLE_ONES. This turned every tweet into a statement against child labour.