Fiction up to 5 mins
Client P&G India
Brand Ariel Matic
Cultural Context As Indian society opens up, many brands are reflecting the “new” urban woman; a more confident, accomplished woman boldly achieving her dreams in a male dominated society. However what persists is the cultural norms that make it the duty of every woman to be the housekeeper. Few brands had yet dared to challenge these norms, and liberate women from household responsibility.
Solution Dads and grandfathers were the living example of gender inequality. But if we could use them as an agent of change, this would act as a “circuit breaker” for families and Indian society as a whole. This led us to ‘Dads #ShareTheLoad’ – a social movement to inspire and empower Dads to share the load of laundry with their wives and start removing the cultural stain of gender inequality at home.
Insight Our survey revealed that 73% of children asked their mothers to do the laundry. Here we realized the root cause of gender inequality at home was Dads refusing to help out within the house; a behaviour that children saw and learnt to emulate as they grew up.