Public Service Commercials
Client ANI Technologies
Brand Ola
Entrant Happy mcgarrybowen
Cultural Context A fairly common sight on the cluttered Indian roads is a helpless ambulance, waiting for the traffic to clear. Unfortunately, there exists a general sense of apathy towards ambulances in the country.
Solution Ola released a film portraying the plight of a critical patient and his family inside an ambulance, stuck in a jam. The film captures the helplessness of the family, taking the viewer through the entire gamut of emotions. At the end when all seems lost, a divine miracle saves the patient’s life. The unexpected twist is a message wrapped in satire on public apathy towards ambulances on the road.
Insight A digital film highlighting the issue of ambulance delays was released just days before a big religious festival. The idea was to sensitize people and spread awareness. In a short span, the film was viewed over 6 million times on Facebook and Youtube, while being shared 48000 times. It gained 32000 twitter impression.