Use of Social Media
Client ANI Technologies
Brand Ola
Entrant Happy mcgarrybowen
Brief Drunk driving is a pervasive problem in our society. And the last week of December, with its share of parties, witnesses a massive surge in reported drunk driving cases. While several campaigns/initiatives urged people not to ‘drink and drive’, the tonality has been non-participative, grim and has not cut ice with the digital generation.
25th December, while the world partied, we drunk tweeted. End of the activity, a clarification tweet revealed it was a social media stunt. It explained how drunk tweeting was dangerous, but drunk driving far worse. AIB’s music video amplified our cause -#PeekeMatChala. AIB also shared their most embarrassing drunk stories with #PeekeNahiChalaya, which led to a lot of participation from Twitterati.