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Power Of Print Entrant Metal Communications Insight For many women, being uneducated is a limitation in realising their potential. They can choose to express themselves in a more powerful way if they have the means for education. Solution Show what the girl child can be if they are given the opportunity of education.  


Power Of Print Entrant Publicis Capital (Gurgaon) Insight Education for a girl child means much more than just knowledge and the ability to read and write. It is about giving her a sense of equality, from childhood, in an extremely unequal world. Solution For children and adults alike, the simplest way to signify equality is...

At A Loss

Power Of Print Entrant Design Theka Insight “…educate a woman and you educate a nation.” We never understand the implication of something until and unless it is placed within the domains of relevancy around our own lives. The positive effects that education of women has created and the adverse effects from the lack of the...

Lesson for Parents

Power Of Print Entrant DDB Mudra West (Mumbai) Insight Parents who don’t send their daughters to school, or cut short their education, believe that it’s a man’s world. And that their daughters cannot achieve much in life, owing to being on the wrong side of the gender divide. Solution Educating daughters should start with educating...

Drop out leaflet

Power Of Print Entrant J. Walter Thompson Insight We all care for the world but very few think of humanity. Over 20 million girls in India drop out of the school, every year. People are aware of it but nobody steps forward to take an action. Solution To bring out the seriousness of this issue,...


Power Of Print Entrant Interspace Solution Pvt. Ltd. Insight People are willing to invest in cars, houses, mutual funds and so much more. but when it comes to investing in a good cause, they usually turn a blind eye, even though there is no reason to. Solution This print campaign uses the typical language of...

Sar Jhuke

Power Of Print Entrant J. Walter Thompson Insight Illiteracy among girls can lead to child marriages, adolescent pregnancies and professions like prostitution; robbing them of their dignities and self-esteem. Solution The only time girls should look down is to read and to write so they can live life with their heads held high.  

The disadvantages of sending our girls to school

Power Of Print Entrant J. Walter Thompson Insight Reverse psychology evokes the strongest emotion, especially towards causes of social and national importance. e.g. while Indians might keep criticizing their country for various reasons, but when they hear an outsider do it, they put him in his place, recently exemplified by the Snapchat CEO case in...

Household Pitfalls; Water Bucket, Cooking Pot, Broom

Power Of Print Entrant Funnel Communications

Raddi Donation Drive

Power Of Print Entrant FCB Interface Insight No one cares for old newspapers. They are typically sold by the people to their neighbourhood scrap collector for a nominal amount. Solution We will get people and companies to donate a month’s newspaper scrap, to raise money to help Nanhi Kali. Later, we can also make it...

Future Leaders

Power Of Print Entrant Havas village Insight With every girl dropping out of school, we lose a future pioneering leader. Solution Encourage readers to donate, so more and more girls can get education due to her education.

The Other Side

Power Of Print Entrant Bates CHI & Partners Insight It is often assumed that a boy needs education but not a girl. Solution Flip the lens through which we look at gender equality.  

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