Digital / Direct Response
Client Jaslok Hospital
Brand Jaslok Hospital
Entrant Dentsu Webchutney
Brief Every 10th child suffers from Dyslexia. While there is no cure for this learning disorder, medical intervention at the right time can help. Most cases go undetected because of low awareness among parents and teachers. Dyslexia is most commonly mistaken as child’s unwillingness to learn or even worse low IQ. Jaslok Hospital, India’s leading name in healthcare and wellness wanted to change this.
Dyslexia is difficult to explain. To spread awareness, we made our audience experience Dyslexia by creating a media innovation, ‘The Dyslexic Captcha.’ We replaced regular captcha with handwriting of dyslexic children. Served on sites most visited by our audience, it forced them to decode dyslexic children’s handwriting. On failing, a regular captcha was served with our message.