Ad/ Promotional Film 31 / 60 sec
Client Tata Global Beverages
Brand Tata Tea
Entrant Green Grass Film
Solution To push the nation’s collective conscientiousness nation further, we felt the need to create a new preventive behaviour within the realm of activism. We needed to ignite the spirit of PreActivism so that the nation can recognize and intercept warning signs, and do their bit to prevent disasters from occurring.
Insight Activism after the occurrence of unfortunate incidents is limited in its impact. Given that prevention is always far better than cure, activism ought to help prevent disasters from occurring in the first place.
Housewives are discerning with respect to the food they provide for the family. Giving them the ability to check the quality of the Dal not just speaks about the superiority and quality of the brand, but also makes reinforces their belief that they are the gate-keepers when it comes to food.